Change Up Your Commuting

Cycling to work is cheaper, healthier and… less stressful than driving. E-Bikes can even save time when compared to either driving or travelling via public transport, as you will no longer be stuck in those boring traffic jams.

Any commuter who has either driven or travelled via public transport to work knows how slow and stressful roadworks and delays can be. When compared to a commute on an E-Bike, however, you can be pedalling along, taking in the fresh air, reducing stress levels all whilst doing exercise. Cambridge is a fantastic example for their bicycle commuters, with one in three of their residents cycling to work.  

E-Bikes have the potential to boost the growth of cycling to work by up to 10%, and this is set to further increase as the UK start adopting the Dutch cycling infrastructure that gives cyclists priority over vehicles. 

The electric motor boosts your pedalling and helps you maintain a higher speed for longer, with less effort. E-Bikes aren’t cheating by any means though, as they are pedal assisted, so you get extra help by putting work in by pedalling. You still do great exercise, yet will just arrive at your destination quicker.