About Us

 Since our inception in 2020, Grid Electric has set out to provide the finest modes of electric travel at a cost effective price. The company was founded on the cycling revolution, and the desire for greener forms of transport. We set out to transform bicycles by connecting them with modern electric technology. We build solutions for customers based on their individual needs, and have a growing reputation for unrivalled products and customer service excellence.

 We can install and fit our products onto customers bicycles making the process simple, and removing stresses which may otherwise come with the thought of bicycle conversion. Alternatively, customers can install and fit their own conversion kits with the aid of our easy to follow installation manual. Whether you are interested in our products because you’d like to become more active, find a greener form of commuting, or purely to experience the thrill, there is no longer an excuse not to be out on two wheels exploring your local community.

Alex runs the operations, and has always had a passion for mountain biking. In his early teenage years, he got into more extreme downhill mountain biking and was travelling far and wide to experience the best that nature has to offer. After sustaining some fairly serious injuries, he took a step back from this niche in mountain biking, and now rides enduro for pleasure on the local trails. He is looking to give others greater opportunities to get out on their bikes, and repurpose what is a great form of transport. After graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, he invested in a 3D printer, which enables him to create a raft of bespoke parts. The company is now looking to expand into the design and creation of 3D prototypes.

Our Supplier

Bafang is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of e-drive systems and have been developing and perfecting their craft since 2003. With over 700 employees working in eight locations worldwide, their operations are globally recognised and successful. Bafang Industries manufacture and sell over 1,000,000 motors every year showing their products are of the highest quality and offer great flexibility for use on most bicycles. Their motors combine impressive performance with quiet operation, and deliver power whether your climbing or descending. Once fitted, their elegant design is lightweight, compact and barely noticeable. Today we look away from noisy cars and congested roads, and look towards more sustainable methods of transportation.