Our Guarantee & Warranty

Our guarantee gives you piece of mind when purchasing from us. All products we stock are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
The length of an individual products warranty and full details are listed against each product, becoming valid from the date of purchase. The warranty covers electronic and mechanical defects throughout the stated duration, excluding typical wear and tear.
If a problem is encountered with the product during the warranty period, get in contact with our team via the email; contact@gridelectric.co.uk and provide the following information:
  • Your Name
  • Your Address
  • Date of Purchase
  • Product Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Problem Description
Upon reviewing the problem, we will provide advice for the best course of action. If the problem is simple, the repair can be undertaken by the customer at your premises, however, for more substantial circumstances the product will be returned to us where further diagnostics can be undertaken.
The warranty covers all costs associated with the repair, including the cost of all electronic and mechanical parts. Labour costs associated with fitting new parts is also included, unless the repair is deemed safe and simple enough to undertaken by the customer.

Manufacturer’s Specific Warranty Terms:

The warranty may not be transferred to a third party other than as specified in the agreement, and only covers the final consumer. During the warranty period, any defect in either the material or manufacture of the product or component failures will be replaced and repaired.
Warranty Exclusions:
  • Any product which has been modified or previously repaired without authorisation and consent from the manufacturer.
  • Any damage resulting from misuse. This includes but not limited to; (a) Using the product for purposes other than which it was designed, (b) Failure to follow the use and maintenance instructions, (c) Improper installation and assembly, or use of the product in a manner that fails to comply with technical or safety regulations.
  • Any cause beyond the manufacturer’s control. Includes: Accidents, neglect, lightning, water/ fire damage, poor ventilation etc.
  • Damage caused during shipping or inadequate buyer transportation or storage.
  • Damage to the surface finish, aesthetics or appearance from normal use.
  • Failure due to unreasonable user configuration or unauthorised changes in the relevant accessory parameters.
  • Damage or failure to components not sourced from the manufacturer.


Products subject to warranty must be made available to the manufacturer for inspection and repair.
Parts damaged due to defects in materials or manufacturing, will be repaired based on the following conditions. Complete replacement will only be undertaken if recommended by the authorised repair team.
The warranty will not be extended as a result of replaced parts. This warranty does not cover more wide-ranging rights, especially those such as exchanges, discounts or compensation for damages, or the acceptance of any kind of additional expenses.
This warranty will only be deemed valid when the original sales receipt or invoice (indicating the model and date of purchase) is presented along with the defective model.
This warranty does not cover and will not award compensation for any injury or damage arising from modifications or adjustments made to the product without the prior written consent from the manufacturer, in compliance with local or national safety or technical regulations.
This warranty will not be deemed valid if the serial number of the product has been altered, erased, disappeared or is illegible.