Fat Bikes Can Now Be Electric Too

Fat bikes are brilliant for use in diverse terrain. They perform well on ground such as sand and snow, and are superior to regular bikes in this setting. The wider tyres with lower pressures provide extra traction and grip, where regular bike tyres would sink.

Although it’s a whole lot easier to pedal through sand or snow on a fat bike when compared to a regular bike, sometimes it may still be a struggle. Not anymore! We can now convert your fat bike and make it electric, so you have that extra boost when you need it most.

Also, it’s not uncommon to see a fat bike on the trails nowadays, as they’re good for hill climbing. Even though you may not be the fastest up the hill, the extra traction and grip from the tyres make ascending an easier task. Even easier when you have the aid of an electric boost to help with the incline.

We now stock motors with an axle extension specifically for fat bikes. Typically fat bikes will have enlarged bottom bracket shells with a length of either 100mm or 120mm, which won’t work with standard motors. But by extending the axle, it is now possible to electrify your fat bike.